We have identified five key elements that are common to our successful implementation of public serving facilities including:

  • Providing the leadership, communication skills and a collaborative process that serves our clients vision and goals.
  • Developing an understanding of the goals of the client as they currently exist and how they might change in the future.
  • Development of a design that is delightful in its creativity, responds to the context of the neighborhood it serves and smoothly receives entitlements through a deep understanding of the approval process.
  • Strong management and control over the cost drivers and schedule of the project.
  • Construction document development that is clear to the construction trades and responds to the contracting process selected for the project.

We succeed when our design solutionsĀ bring delight to the community they serve andĀ support the operational goals of its users, are practical and are implemented with skill and craftsmanship to meet the goal of a 30-50 year use. Our path to success is through a collaborative relationship with our clients where we not only listen to their goals and aspirations but we also hear and follow through.

Mary McGrath Architects