Each project taken on by Mary McGrath Architects is implemented considering sustainable working and living environments as a key driver in the design process. The goals of the client are paramount in this process so we lead off every project with an “Eco-charette” to develop strategies for sustainability that include both budget and maintenance criteria. Sustainable and green design is driven by the goal that each project design should not only reflect healthy living/work environments but to also maximize the use of renewable energies and site specific resources.  Our sustainable design approach is to challenge each design solution to test that it is doing all it can do to “reduce, recycle and reuse” while creating a healthy and productive work, play or learning environment. We study and refine the building design by utilizing 3-d energy and daylight modeling throughout the design process.  The living/work environment is improve with good air quality, proper illumination, appropriate thermal conditions and acoustical control and this continually evolves through the modeling process. Integrating each of these important design elements in the creation of the indoor environment is essential.

* Design target only, not submitted for certification

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